March 29, 2023

How to Drive Innovation and Creativity with Artificial Intelligence

From healthcare to entertainment, artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing every part of our existence. But how can AI promote ingenuity and innovation? How can we use AI to create new concepts and tackle challenging problems? Current Role Dr Sina Bari, a former plastic and reconstructive surgeon who is currently a senior head of medical AI […]

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Sina Bari MD
March 2, 2023

Combating Physician Burnout with Medical AI

It’s no secret that physician burnout is a growing problem in the healthcare industry. With long hours, high stress levels, and a growing burden of administrative tasks, it’s no wonder that more and more doctors are feeling overwhelmed and burned out. But what if medical AI could help solve this problem? That’s the viewpoint of […]

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Sina Bari Plastic Surgery Delivers Impeccable Results with Innovative Services
June 25, 2021

Sina Bari Plastic Surgery Delivers Impeccable Results with Innovative Services

Sina Bari is an experienced plastic surgeon who is known for exceptional patient care, excelling in plastic surgery and aesthetics Plastic surgery is no longer reserved for a few select people, due in large part to expanded media attention, education and easy access to well-qualified plastic surgeons. Plastic surgery is no longer simply cosmetic, but […]

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"Sina Bari Plastic SurgeryDr. Sina Bari"AI and the Patient Experience
June 18, 2021

AI and the Patient Experience

For all medical care professionals, the patient experience should always be one of our top priorities. But, that can often get lost in a never-ending string of responsibilities. Artificial intelligence, however, has the potential to help improve the experience. Here are three ways how, according to Sina Bari MD, Director of Medical AI at iMerit […]

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